Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Full Day of Learning and Preparation

Today we had a great day at Ellington Field and Johnson Space Center. Our team was supposed to start flying, but due to weather issues in the Gulf, we were unable to takeoff. We are scheduled for a "GO!" tomorrow and will share our story as soon as we experience it.

Our school mascots have been enjoying some time together with Camilla Corona, STEM Outreach Chicken.

Our team is ready for ZeroG!

Here we are in front of NASA's "Weightless Wonder."  This aircraft no longer flies reduced gravity missions, but was NASA's plane for this type of flight. The plane we will be flying on is run by the ZeroG Corporation. 

We have a fabulous mentor, Elizabeth, shown below on the right.  Our banner was created to hang in the plane above our experiment. 

A closeup view of the inside of our glovebox.  Since we are working with liquids, our glove box must be sealed and we must use rubber gloves to fire our syringes at our fabrics, just as we did in our classroom getting ready!

Every item in our glove box had to be weighed and accounted for.  You can see an inner view here before we put the lid on.  It's now sealed and on the plane, waiting for take off. 

We met with Astronaut Cady Coleman, who spoke with us about our experiment in the ZeroG plane.  It was awesome to talk with her and hear about her adventures in space. 

We are sooooooo ready for take off! 

We enjoyed touring the facility where the NASA T-38 jets are held.  These are the jets that the astronauts fly in training and to head over to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  

Here is Astronaut Cady Coleman when she played the flute in space!  How cool would THAT be? 

Our team.... TEAM KENNEDY!

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