Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mission Patch Contest!

Help design the patch for our reduced gravity flight! It’s a NASA tradition to create a patch to signify each mission. We designed the patch above as part of Team Kennedy Advanced Space Academy activities last summer. Now we need your help to make an awesome new patch for this experience!

Things to Consider:
• Team Name: Team Kennedy
• Our team consists of five teachers and their students from four states: Mrs. Cheesman (AZ), Mrs. Heins (AZ), Mrs. Michael (CA), Mrs. Venosdale (MO), and Mrs. Wilson (GA)
• Our experiment is part of the NASA Reduced Gravity Flight program and NASA Teaching from Space program
• We will be flying our experiment on a Boeing 727 jet
• The experiment involves the absorbency rate of different fabrics
Contest Details:
• You can submit an entry as an individual or a team of up to four students
• Your teacher will select the top two entries from your school to be part of the web voting on the final design
• The top two school winners will receive an embroidered winning patch and a small NASA swag bag
• The overall patch design winner will receive an embroidered winning patch and a large NASA swag bag
• Entries are due Friday, April 5, 2013
• Submit entries to your reduced gravity flight participating science teacher

Design Specifications:
• Your design must fill the space provided (don’t leave any white space)
• Your design must fit the space provided (stay inside the lines)
• You should color the border space only one color
• You may use up to nine colors in your design (including the border color)
• Keep the design simple and clear
• You may include words but keep it short
• You must include the year (2013) in your design
• Design must be your original work; you may not copy or trace another design
• You may use computer graphic design programs to create your work; submit a full color hard copy of your entry

Download Full Application:

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